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For many business owners the answer is a resounding, yes! Just the phrase “business plan” conjures up thoughts of a painful, overwhelming task they’d rather avoid at all costs. (And many do!)

The top reasons people avoid business planning include:

  • Ignorance...They do not understand the importance of having a solid business plan.
  • Time…They think that business planning is a time-consuming, daunting task.
  • Fear…Either fear of bringing the weaknesses of their business into the light or fear of failing and not following through with the plan they make.

If YOU are falling prey to these excuses…get ready for a shocker:

Introducing the EASIEST self-paced program to help you craft
the ideal business plan for YOU…

Snapshot Business Planning eCourse

Now there’s no longer any reason to fear this important task because Linda McLean, of McLean International, is “going public” with her Snapshot Business Planning system so you too can enjoy as much growth as you’d like, while keeping your business AND your life ticking along as smoothly as possible.

“I wish I’d had this when I started my company – it would’ve saved me 20 years of trial and error. Anyone who follows this step-by-step strategy for creating a successful business, will be totally prepared to lead their company to greatness!”

– Laura Herring
Chairman and Founder of Impact Group Inc

Linda McLean has been a trusted Business Coach to professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries around the globe for more than three decades. And for one reason:

Her methods get results!

Let’s face it – you most likely don’t need (and certainly don’t want) anything that’s complex or time-consuming. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s why Linda designed the Snapshot Business Plan to take up no more than a couple of pages, in most cases. And you can complete it in less than day!

Of course a business plan is worthless if you can’t implement it, and then stick to it, day in and day out – no matter how easy it is to write! That’s why the Snapshot Business Plan is not only quick and easy to craft – it’s imminently doable too:

You see, the Snapshot Business Plan focuses on the 12 key steps that make the biggest difference to ANY business in ANY industry – from real estate to law firms to manufacturing, and everything between and beyond.

It documents the key goals and action steps required in each of those facets in a way that everyone in your business, from administrative staff to the CEO, can understand and follow. And it shows how all these pieces fit together – like the lid of a jigsaw puzzle box.

Because when you focus on only one or two areas of your business at a time, it can be hard to see how any changes might fit in with the rest of your business. In fact, it might even turn out to be detrimental to the big picture.

We wouldn’t ask YOU to do it unless…

We follow it ourselves! This is the exact same planning formula we follow here at McLean International, and with our clients, every day. Because IT WORKS!

Snapshot Business Planning's curriculum is self-paced. However, you will have the support of Executive Business and Life Coaches as well as the invitation to join our private Facebook Group where you will be part of a community of like-minded individuals supporting each other.


Discovering and implementing the Snapshot Business Planning system has been the turning point for HUNDREDS of businesses – many of which would’ve gone belly-up without it!

The truth … and nothing but the truth

With clear, concise explanations of the reasoning behind each step, helpful worksheets throughout, and a list of “next moves” you can take, Snapshot Business Planning is all you need to craft a practical, workable plan for YOUR business, and put it into action immediately!

As Linda says:

We all get off-track, sooner or later. Sometimes it’s because of issues arising within our business. Other times, it’s the result of pressures from our personal life. I know. It’s happened to me too. But when you have a solid easy-to-follow plan in place, it will happen less often, and you’ll be able to get back ON track and moving forward again much quicker.

Now it’s YOUR turn to experience Next Level growth. All you need is a plan – a PROVEN plan – like McLean International’s Snapshot Business Planning system.